Thursday, December 28, 2006

Over the break and before the baby comes I am doing a painting at school in one of the rooms. These are some of the sketches I have worked out.
Ribbon and hair
Going and gone
Dressed to maim

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This is an abstract figurative painting. I had never worked like this before and was pleased with the outcome.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lawn Chair Girl.

Lawn Chair Girl. She is one of my most loved paintings. She was for sale at RAG for a while and wasn't selling. Pepper and I kept talking about it. She really wanted to have it. The day I went to pick it up it was gone. Some one had purchased it just a few hours earlier. The money was never worth it.
These are some skateboard images I did for a charity event at the XGames. I was a little disappointed by the way the some things worked out but I like to hope that some money was raised to help some kids in need. And I like the work that was submitted.


Water Rose
Dot Pattern and drawings Set two.



Swimcap with Burst

Ann Teneia

At the time I made these drawings I was looking at the work of Ashley Wood, Sam FLores and Julie Mehretu. It's all in there.
Dot Pattern and Drawings

Girl in underwear


She in Helmet

Dark Star Underwear

Some of these were drawn for a silkscreen book I made, Hydrophilic Lung. The others were drawn and printed separately.
From my Childhood.

Blind shot


Parka and Marlon Hill

Red Archer

Growing up one of my favorite toys was my red bow and arrows. I would shoot targets on cardboard boxes and maybe a can every once in a while. I never shot an animal with it though. But I am sure I tried. It wasn’t until later when I got a BB gun that I actually took out a bird. Two in fact. And that was it. I never killed again.

Red Archer sold to a Man in Florida. It was a Christmas gift from his wife. Parka on Marlon hill was traded to a friend for some work she had done for one of my shows. Airplane fell off the wall and broke into three pieces. It has since been repaired but the fractures are still visible. As they should be. They are marks of it’s history. Blind shot I still own.
More Tree Paintings
One Ghost Hill

Clearing the Gathering. This one was based on a photo I took with my camera phone in downtown Salt Lake City in the early fall.
Tree Paintings. Inspired by some work of Tom's. It looked fun. I thought of them as characters and gave them little personalities. Even if it’s only expressed in the title.

Mother and Child 24th St.

If I could see you I wouldn't be alone

After take off, two floated down

Miss your wings

More time spent waiting for birds
Cardboard Paintings Two

This is a concept drawing done for a resume book showcasing drawings paintings and concepts. I like how the white paint pen glows on the dirty cardboard. The skirt is a cut out paper towel.

This was done for a friend that sells jewelry under the name Luv Kat. It was a fun project I am glad she asked me. We met through RAG.
Cardboard Paintings

Bird Ballet was done as a resume piece for Anthropology the clothing store.

Beth was done for me. It was later sold. She is still one of my most loved drawings.

Three Heads was done for a show at RAG in Hayes Valley. I think it is now hanging in my wife's office.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I think everyone should love to remember those they have love and lost. The ache reminds us of who we are.

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