Friday, November 17, 2006

From my Childhood.

Blind shot


Parka and Marlon Hill

Red Archer

Growing up one of my favorite toys was my red bow and arrows. I would shoot targets on cardboard boxes and maybe a can every once in a while. I never shot an animal with it though. But I am sure I tried. It wasn’t until later when I got a BB gun that I actually took out a bird. Two in fact. And that was it. I never killed again.

Red Archer sold to a Man in Florida. It was a Christmas gift from his wife. Parka on Marlon hill was traded to a friend for some work she had done for one of my shows. Airplane fell off the wall and broke into three pieces. It has since been repaired but the fractures are still visible. As they should be. They are marks of it’s history. Blind shot I still own.

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