Monday, January 15, 2007

"On This Day I Am Beautiful. (January 12,2007)" Finished. The cardboard box drawing in the upper right corner is one of mine as well. He is lovingly referred to as, "Corn Dog Boy."
This is the raw plywood office entry way, in the Book Arts room, in the Academy of Art building,located at 60 Federal.I asked if I could do a painting here while the school was on break. Graciously they said yes. This is the initial lay in. Two archers with bubble background sketched out in white and blue chalk. (Don't use blue chalk again. It doesn't remove easily.) Blocked in with white latex paint. Instructors were there, going in and out of the office. It was helpful to have wood exposed so I could work and they could walk.
Once I got to this point I knew I needed to make some changes. There were some things I liked about it but it wasn't all working together. Even though I had loads of fun making drips down the step face they were distracting from the actual image. I didn't like the figure in the foreground. And the color scheme was almost overwhelmingly red, white and blue. The only thing saving it was the gray. The design had gotten away from me and no longer sat comfortably in the room.
So on a day when I was there all alone I took out all the things I didn't like. I still like this stage very much. I think it works beautifully. But I didn't feel this was the right space for this image. So I took a photo and said goodbye.
In this one the figure gets filled in and the gray dress covered up. The gray frame of the stairs is established.
And now it's done. I don't have any progression photos of this image because it came together so quickly.
Big and simple. She now sits quite comfortably in the room.


Randy said...

cool, where is that entry-way? who knew chicks with arrows could be hot?

The Wheelers said...

Amazing, as always! I LOVE IT!

Tommy said...
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Tommy said...

Mark, on this you've out done yourself! Brilliant! I’m glad you changed directions. I don't think you could have achieved the richness of color without the first exploration. If you ‘d tried to get this look it would have seemed contrived and flat. This is fresh and unexpected. Great instincts.

meri said...

I wanted to email you, but don't have it anymore... do you have mine? it's my first name at my

hope all is well!

Kriss said...

rad. this in the bookarts room in AAU fed. I always used to trip out on this when I was taking that class!

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