Wednesday, May 16, 2007


"Jenny and David" 2006, Ink and Gel Pen in Recycled paper sketchbook, 8.5x11
"Octopus" 2007 Recycled paper Sketchbook, Ink and Gel Pen, 11x17 (cropped)
"Heaven Sent", 2006, Small Rainbow sketchbook, Pen and ink and colored pencil. Roughly 7x10.
"Sketchbook Portrait", 2007, Large book from Chris Rolik, This is the backside of the drawing the ink has bled through. The tape from "Tape Cloud" is visible on the left edge of the book.
"Who Do You Mean When You Say Lord?",2007, Recycled paper sketchbook. 11x17 (cropped), Ink and Gel Pens, White Out strips
"Weeping Ghost and Masked in Mini-skirt" 2005, Rainbow Sketchbook, 5x7 Ink and colored pencil
"Tape Cloud", 2007, Big Sketchbook from Chris Rolik. Masking tape and Marker

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