Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Art Giveaway

There is a free art give away on Pepper's Blog. I have been cleaning and organizing the past few weeks and ran across a bunch of different pieces I thought needed a new home. So I gave them to Pepper and she is helping them relocate.


the silly egg said...

hey Mark! my blog kind of disappeared! i just wanted to keep it simple. Check out the new friend I made - Sammie the Seagull =)

Brooke said...

Very nice! I had some old friends over tonight and they all made fantastic comments on your painting that hangs on my wall--I am so glad I have it!

Joshua said...

this is cool... we keep trying.

heidi jo slade said...

my comment above about the art giveaway was supposed to go here. i think. please forgive my mistake. i am not very good at the blogging business.

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