Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I would like to spend more days like this

Follow Soy Panday for a skateboarding tour through Paris. This film is well shot and paired with an enjoyable soundtrack.

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heidi jo slade said...

WHAT!? im antsy about this mark-art raffle, but at the same time im a little bummed that this has been going on without me knowing and worried that im too late, is this still going on?

oh and i was also curious about your old tree paintings, i know i talked you about them before, do you still have these any of them? are they for sale? am interested in the whereabouts and what about the ann teneia, the ghost hill, and then there was one of a tornado i think, and the abstract one, i really want to know how i can see more of your work in person, where is your studio?. fill me in buddy. email me or tell pepper to, i want to know the details on how to purchase and own some original mark elliott creations. i know ive mentioned this to you a few times, but with holidays coming and all i figure it would be a good time to buy some of your work. let me know if im worthy.

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