Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stars Pearls and Swirls


M said...

The first to comment...yes! I'm so in!

Mark Elliot said...

Thanks for your enthusiasim. I am sorry to say this is not a Giveaway. All Giveaways will be labeled as such in the title.

Super Blogger Girl! said...

this is really nice it reminds my of Hans Belmers sketches a bit, he is one of my favorites, please keep up the good work.

windycindy said...

"Seasons Greetings!" Thanks for all of the chances to win a print, etc.from you. Sincerely, Cindi

Anne said...

I love that you don't limit your artwork to one side of the sketchbook. The spine crease adds so much character.

I'm glad that you post images of your artwork here. I can't get enough of it! Thanks for giving me such pretty things to admire when I'm avoiding work.

(...and I know this isn't a giveaway. I just wanted to tell you how cool you are.)

Nadia Moon said...

Oh, wow! I am so excited. It is so wonderful to discover that your teacher does such an amazing art. I'm inspired. It reminds me of Ashley Wood, James Jean and Celia Calle at the same time. Wonderful!

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