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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Orange Stealer

8.5x11 Silkscreen, Sharpie, Prismacolor markers and pencils, ballpoint pen, gel pen, metallic marker and graphite, 2008
This was reworked from a page of an old sketchbook where a marker drawing had bled through.

"He took off his shirt to show me his sweater"

8.5x11 Pen and ink on back of an Academy of Art notification, 2008

Bleeding Heart

8x10 Ballpoint pen and Prismacolor pencil
I found this in an old sketchbook I've been reworking. I think it's from 2005.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

History and Fashion

Title: "History and Fashion"
Client: Academy of Art San Francisco Fine Art Department
A poster illustration promoting the departments study abroad program in Italy
Medium: Digital
Size: 10x10 inch @ 300 dpi

Monday, September 22, 2008

Macy's AIDS Fashion Show and Party

September 17 and 18
I was asked to assemble a team of artists and art direct a mural for Macy's Passport AIDS party and fashion show. It's an annual event held in San Francisco. It's purpose is to raise money and awareness for the cause and to have a good time while looking great.
As with any major event there are always some miscommunication. I prepped an image for a 10 feet high by 15 feet wide mural. Once I got there I saw it was the other way around. So I had to do some quick sketches on the wall. Above are a couple of them.

On the 17th we got to work prepping the wall. The basic concept was layers and layers of rolled paint- like when graffiti gets covered, or buffed. Megan Wolfe has roller in hand as Steve Javiel looks on. Lisa Alonzo is synchronizing her swatch. -(Parker Lewis Can't Loose any one?)
It's coming together. On the first day we had two ladders. A tad short for our needs but they worked out. By tomorrow a mini skate park will be built in front of the red door on the right.
On Thursday the 18th, the day of the event, we were asked to do a smaller painting inside the event pavilion. This is the quick sketch lay in. I just did the lay in and a few detail strokes. Lisa and Steve did 98% of the work on this one. I don't have a final image of this piece but if you are ever in Ryland's living room you can see how it turned out.
A mid painting sketchbook review with Ryland Behrens. I'm not sure what we are reviewing because the sketch for the wall behind us is on the wall behind us. If you look between Lisa and me you'll see a white patch. That is where we have painted around the chosen sketch. Most of the face in this lay in was painted over and moved more to the right. I wanted it to be centered and more stretched out.
Putting on some of the final strokes.

By 8pm the sun had set, the lights had come on and the event at the V.I.P. reception, which is where we were, was winding down as the fashion show was getting started in the pavilion next door. So we packed up and went home.

By noon the next day the painting had been taken apart and removed from the site.

I always enjoy having the chance to work large. And especially enjoyed working with some good friends. Lisa Alonzo, Ryland Behrens, Steve Javiel and Megan Wolfe, Thank you. It was a pleasure.

Though there is no cure as of yet and I hope there is one some day soon. AIDS in the U.S. for the most part is avoidable and very preventable. And in the case some one contracts it they can still live a rather normal healthy life style thanks to effective drug combinations. However, in other parts of the world this disease continues to spread and to be passed from father to mother and mother to child. Many of these people lose their parents or their lives and never know why. It is to the overwhelming number of innocent children who suffer needlessly in the grips of this destructive plague that I dedicate this mural. Though they will never know of it. And if they did they wouldn't care... I do hope fashion can save them.

In the mean time and closer to home. Since the storm is already here, instead of standing around getting wet, at least put on a raincoat if you aren't going to be wise and stay inside.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Stars and Pearls

If you have been checking in on the blog for a while you may recognize this image from one of my sketchbook posts. This image will also be up for auction soon. (edition size 10)

Augustina Emerge

It's been a while since I have updated. Here is a piece I have finished recently. We are having the annual faculty auction in the next little while. I'll post more on that when it get closer. This will be up for auction then. (edition size 5)

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