Tuesday, October 14, 2008

History and Fashion

Title: "History and Fashion"
Client: Academy of Art San Francisco Fine Art Department
A poster illustration promoting the departments study abroad program in Italy
Medium: Digital
Size: 10x10 inch @ 300 dpi


The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

whose mind thinks like the mind of mark e ? i ask this question. yes i do.

i think that says it all. or at least most of it. and I think flava flave should have clock/church shoes.

MAXER said...

I like your concept.

Your art of works make to breke my fixed idea. Good job.

Eddie O. Rodriguez said...

Mark, have I ever mentioned that you're the man, cuz you iZ. I really like your work man, your design sense is impeccable.

Maggie May said...

that is wonderful!

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