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Artist Statement

Floating effortlessly on paper wings. Grounded by heavy hands. Light captured through lead lined lids. A place for us to dream. In this moment the world falls away. I see you only. I feel weighted. Can we bare this? Is there light? What is to follow? Be still and the quiet will break open. Wait for it. It will break with thunder and light. Wait for it. There is no hiding. Covers are no shield. Don’t tell a soul. This is for us alone.

My work is an exploration and representation of physical and emotional vulnerability. Allowing ones self to be vulnerable, or open to the possibility of failure and rejection can be both frightening and exciting, but is essential to forging meaningful relationships or creating success. The imagery I create is a combination of anxiety and tranquility, maturity and childishness, seriousness and humor. My characters find themselves in vulnerable positions, on the precipice of change. The work becomes a tour through my own experiences and emotional landscapes. Keeping a visual journal of this journey is a way to release the anxiety of my own vulnerability. These situations are captured in snapshots of those still, quite moments worth reflection.

The work is as much graphic design as it is illustration as it is fine art. Each of these disciplines continue to inform my visual vocabulary. I fill my canvas with a combination of sparse vs. dense and grand vs. unpretentious, all containing an underlying theme of understated elegance. Awkwardly beautiful figures pepper my work. Clunky robots find themselves starring as human emotion. Exposed characters, through their raw vulnerable complacency invite the viewer to observe and in turn be observed. In all this rest my goodness, fascination and apologies.

There is an intentional elementary approach to my visual aesthetic that has been fuelled by a steady diet of comic books, fashion magazines, skateboarding, popular film and reoccurring memories from my own childhood. I rarely draw or paint from life other than to use it as a form of exercise. I take this elementary approach to my work very seriously. Exploring what my mind has absorbed, retained and filtered is the objective. Drawing from within, whether it be from the mind, the heart, inspiration or a mixture of each, is what I find compelling. I feel it is the purest extension of the self.

It is my intent to create a nostalgic laced invitation for the viewer to reminisce their own childhood and what they have carried with them into adulthood. The most important aspect of my work is the emotional journey of the physical experience of living day to day. Visually there is an energy and directness found in my sketchbooks as well as a balance between finished (protected) and unfinished (vulnerable) areas. Ultimately there is a quiet noble resilience radiating from beneath awkward and sweetly vulnerable situations each figure is placed in. Within these moments I have found a testament not only to the frailty but ultimately a hidden strength of the human experience that is far to often over looked.


B.F.A. 2007 Painting/ Printmaking Academy of Art University, San Francisco

2001 Third place, Sculpture, Academy of Art University Spring Show
2006 Third place, Printmaking, Academy of Art University, Spring Show
2006 Third Place, Book arts, Academy of Art University, Spring Show
2007 First Place, Silkscreen, Academy of Art University, Spring Show

Solo Exhibitions
2004 Black Licorice, Mimi Barr Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005 Black Licorice, Ken Milo Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT
2005-2006 R.A.G.(Residents Apparel Gallery) Exclusive artist, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions
2001 Academy of Art Spring Show, San Francisco, CA
2004 R.A.G. (Residents Apparel Gallery), San Francisco, CA
2005 Evarize Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2006 T- show, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006 Print Show, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006 Holly Mae Pendergast and Friends, Milo Gallery, Salt Lake,UT
2006 Academy of Art Spring Show, San Francisco, CA
2007 Live Painting, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2007 On the Cutting Edge Of... 688 Sutter, San Francisco, CA

Pottery Barn Kids, Illustrations
ESPN XGames, Skateboard Illustrations
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Illustration

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